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I decided to be adventurous and check out the “#edchat” hashtag on Twitter. As I began reading, only a few tweets down I saw a post about¬† TED-Ed.

The article from USA Today Education: TED-Ed: The New Way to Video in the Classroom introduces TED’s new Ed resource that captures the essence of educational video in one site. So, after reading the article I decided to look around on TED-Ed to see what I could find. I LOVED IT!¬† Exploring the four categories – featured, series, subject and YouTube, I found many different videos on many different topics. I really appreciated the “subjects” category because it allowed me to focus in on one specific subject. I feel that this would be especially useful for a classroom teacher looking to find videos for specific subjects in the classroom.

As I explored I came across this video… One is one… Or is it? I decided to watch it and LEARNED! What a great math lesson to teach students the importance of units and value.

If you click here and watch the video on the TED-Ed website, you see that on the side there are a few links to click with each lesson. Watch. Quick Quiz. Think. Dig Deeper. If the amazing video wasn’t enough, the extra lessons to go along with it just added to the awesomeness of this site. The QUICK QUIZ was a great tool to help reiterate what I had learned in the video and would be a great tool for students in a classroom as well. The THINK section provides excellent continuing lesson ideas for teachers to use to help students work with inquiry learning! And the DIG DEEPER section provides the teacher with an opportunity to make cross curricular connections with the learning from the video.


I’m not sure if others have found this site and blogged about it before but I just had to anyway because it’s so awesome. I actually couldn’t be more excited about a website and I can hardly wait to explore deeper into this website and find ways to use it in my classroom. I HIGHLY recommend that you all check it out because it’s definitely worth it. If you do take a chance to explore, please comment to let me know what you think and what you find during your exploring.

– Shayna


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