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Goodbye to Summer…

Well, in typical “summer” fashion, the time has gone too quickly, the mornings are getting darker, the heat is slowly leaving us and the small amount of time we have until school starts again is dwindling as the days go by… Can it be that time went by this quickly? Summer is already over? School, internship, LIFE is starting again! I guess it’s inevitable in this beautiful country of ours that the summer only last a few precious months until winter comes again and in true Canadian fashion I’m slightly looking forward to the chilly days and snow fall again…

I’ve had an amazing summer full of friendship, lake time, faith, camps, traveling, and sunshine and am sad to see it go…


I’ve also began counting down the days until my Internship starts. There are only a few short days until next Monday comes around and I’m walking through those Elementary School doors to start “Prep-Week” before the students come back on September 4th. The excitement is growing and I can hardly wait to trade in my steel-toed boots and weed whacker for my dress clothes and stationary products. I can hardly wait to meet my students and get set up in the classroom to start planning and sorting out the subjects and units I will be teaching in the upcoming semester. So, with that, I hope to keep a slightly more consistent “updating schedule” on my blog here to pose questions, post ideas, and seek advice from all of you out there.

Thanks for reading,

Miss. Brown


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